It is a sad state of affairs for unwanted dogs in this world. The city of Indianapolis euthanizes dozens of dogs and cats every single day. Really. Sweet, innocent, lonely, scared dogs and cats. Shelters such as ours, exist to help the animals that we can. We are ALWAYS full - there is a never ending supply of unwanted but perfectly fine and healthy dogs for us to take from kill shelters.


No shelter receives money from the government or any other humane society. ALL shelters struggle for money and resources to help the animals. The city pound gets funds from city taxes, but it is barely enough to pay a small staff to care for them. There is no discretionary money for the animals to have ANY quality of life.


The absolute BEST thing to do is to either find a way to make it work, or re-home the dog yourself. Shelters are busy and don't know your dog like you do. Make signs, talk to your friends, run an ad. You are the best advocate for the dog. People will read this article and still send an email asking for help - thinking their dog is special, and just needs the right placement. I wish I could find a safe place for special dogs - the fact is, there isn't that place. Special dogs are killed every day.


Making it work - most behaviors can be addressed. Consider a training class for behavior issues, a daycare if you don't have time to walk the dog every night, FACE Low Cost spay and neuter / vaccinations if you're tight on money. You are the best one to save the dog's life - not me - not a shelter - you.


Is the dog spayed or neutered? Vaccinated? Micro-chipped? Not spaying and neutering dogs is a HUGE contributing factor for the enormous amount of unwanted dogs - and also can be the root of some behavior problems.


Last chance options.....


One thing to keep in mind - almost anywhere you take your dog will be a huge stresser for your dog. So many people will take their dog to the pound thinking s/he's such a good dog, someone will take him..... The truth is - your dog will smell the fear and death in the building and will begin to break down emotionally. S/he will not understand what has happened and will show signs of stress that will make it difficult to find a new home.


Humane Society of Indianapolis (follow the link for how to surrender a animal to the HSI)


From their own website:

The Humane Society of Indianapolis is an Indianapolis-based, independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that receives no government funding. We are supported solely by contributions, grants, bequests, investments, and adoption and service fees. We receive no funding or guidance from the United Way, the Humane Society of the United States, or the ASPCA. Your financial gift shows a deep personal commitment to animals in Central Indiana.


Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC) (the city pound)


2600 South Harding St.

Indianapolis, IN 46221


More information from Move to Act here

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