2015 Year End Stats


719 dogs adopted


Vet bills: $133,378.71

Daily care: $26,176

(assumes $2 / day)

Adoptions: $105,782



- $53,773


Allie - our first dog from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control. She weighed 35 pounds. Now, she's happy, healthy and chasing balls.

Maya - so skinny and had just had a litter of puppies.

Gracie May joined us from a animal control facility in Kentucky. Too skinny - and with a couple puppies taking everything she had to give.

Thomas - abandoned with an embedded collar and damaged eye. His eye had to be removed. Adopted.

Roger - abandoned. Deformed foot - perfect dog.

Sugar Rae. Allergies left so long that her ear canals had to be removed. Two surgeries, wonderful foster families and a great surgeon left Sugar Rae with normal looking ears and looking forward to a wonderful life without pain.

Riddick - huge tumor on his rear end - inoperable. Left to live out his bucket list - over a year later, he still manages to be the best boy ever!

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